mullaperiyar dam

mullaperiyar dam. Truth About the Mullapperiyar Dam

mullaperiyar dam, Kerala’s False Promise Introduction: What is the Mullapperiyar Dam? Mullapperiyar dam is a dam built on the Mullaperiyar River in the state of Kerala, India….

James Webb Space Telescope, the New Era of Spying on Space

James Webb Space Telescope, the New Era of Spying on Space

James Webb Space Telescope, the New Era of Spying on Space  (James Webb telescope, astrophysics & astrobiology, astronomy in space) How the James Webb Space Telescope Will…

dwarka mandir

Dwarka Mandir: The History and Mystery of the Hottest Tourist Spots in India: Dwarka Mandir was a place at the heart of Indian civilization. In this place,…

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The Explanation to the Bermuda Triangle Mysteries: Decades of Twisted Fate

Introduction and disclaimer “Bermuda Triangle” is a mystery, an enigma and an obsession all rolled into one   The Bermuda triangle facts. Bermuda Triangle is a mystery….

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The facts about Great himalaya parvat

Himalaya parvat. Huge Mountain     The Himalaya parvat great mountain has hidden within its snow-covered heights some of the greatest and most interesting stories of mankind….

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African tribal people When we think of African tribes-

When we think of African tribes. We tend to forget the society they live in is just as complex and diverse as our own. These are real…

what is child psychology

How To Develop Your Child’s Confidence? change your life

what is child psychology? How To Develop Your Child’s Confidence: A blog about helping children develop self-confidence. psychology of children. Child psychology is a subject that focuses…

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How to get fast sleep ?15 Methods To Go To Sleep Sooner And To Sleep Longer

The following points are giving tips for how to get fast sleep How to fall asleep in 10 seconds Sleep is necessary for our good health.  …

natural philosophy

Natural philosophy, the most powerful philosophy in the world

I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE. natural philosophy There is one society in the world, they are following the philosophy of Ubuntu. Hearing the word Ubuntu first time computer operating…

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Mata Hari fate – A real story about a dangerous and most beautiful woman

Mata Hari fate – a woman who faced the bullet with a kiss Mata Hari fate is an interesting and amazing story of a beautiful lady Mata…

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Rules of North Korea

Facts About North Korea and the rules of North Korea Author Anish M T Generally all people like their own country. But the rules of North Korea…

quotes about woman power

Quotes about woman power

Ten Facts about the woman and quotes about woman power Author: Anish M T Generally, we are saying that we cant understand the psychology of women. But…