Natural philosophy, the most powerful philosophy in the world

I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE. natural philosophy

There is one society in the world, they are following the philosophy of Ubuntu. Hearing the word Ubuntu first time computer operating system is coming to our mind but here mentioning an incredible  African philosophy ” Ubuntu”. This philosophy deals with the humanity of alliance, kindness, mutual understanding, harmony, etc.

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Many years before one Anthropologist visited one village in Africa for his job purpose, where he mingled with village children. One day when he played with these children he placed one chocolate box very far from them and told them when he says start they have to run and first those who reached near the box can take that chocolate box. He started the competition, surprisingly seeing that all of them joined their hands together and reached near the chocolate box. They had shared minds and they told to him that they are following the natural philosophy of Ubuntu.

This philosophy means everyone is living for each one and each one is living for everyone. It means we can’t live happily in this world without humanity, kindness, and cooperation. Whenever we are sharing and living together we can get happy. One can progress only with the help of others this is the basic thought of natural philosophy Ubuntu.

Once a seminar was going on in Africa, and the seminar organizer conducted a competition. He wrote the names of all participants of the seminar on balloons and told them first those who find out the balloon which has their own names is the winner. The competition started but nobody took the balloon with their names. They cant accept others’ failures because of their ubuntu natural philosophy, so most of them not showed their balloon.

Ubuntu philosophy is a very deep concept, we are living in a society and its connectivity developed our personality. Nelson Mandela told about this, that we are human only through the humanity of others. Our profession also needs the help and cooperation of others. There is one saying that we are the average of five people used to spend the most time with.  Always we should consider others.

Moral of the Ubuntu philosophy

If this philosophy is followed in our society there will be no harmful competition between the children and there should be cooperation for their overall development. If this philosophy is followed in our society there will not be any theft, poverty, enmity, or war. We should live for the progress of our society. This philosophy is about togetherness and we can take the firm decision that we will follow this natural philosophy in our life.


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