The Explanation to the Bermuda Triangle Mysteries: Decades of Twisted Fate

Introduction and disclaimer “Bermuda Triangle” is a mystery, an enigma and an obsession all rolled into one


The Bermuda triangle facts. Bermuda Triangle is a mystery.

The Triangle, also known as the devil’s triangle, focused on the western part of the North Atlantic ocean. Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rica surrounded this area, and dozens of ships and airplanes disappeared here.

But since 1950, there have been over 1,000 disappearances in this region. Over 100 planes and boats have disappeared without a trace.


The Great ‘Sea-girt World‘: The Bizarre Turn of Events That Led Interest in Bermuda Triangle to Surge


First recorded in 1950, the Bermuda Triangle has been at the center of many conspiracy theories. The area has been a topic of interest for many years and it continues to be so even today.

There are speculations that this region has some magnetic properties which make ships and aircraft go off course or vanish without a trace. The first recorded incident was in 1964 when five Navy bombers vanished without a trace while on a routine training mission over the water near Florida’s eastern coast. In 1945, five U-boats had also mysteriously disappeared near Europe’s western coast during World War II.

The first person who used “Bermuda Triangle” as a term was Vincent Gaddis. He coined the term in his article published in the April 1964 issue of Argosy magazine.

Time-based twisted tales

It is a region of great oceanic currents flowing from east to west. Hundreds of ships and airplanes have disappeared in this region since the 18th century, giving rise to many stories about the area’s paranormal activity.

Destruction of ships in the triangle because of bad weather conditions. Monsters or aliens also attacked certain ships. The most popular theories about what causes the center of disappearance on natural phenomena such as methane gas bubbles released from the ocean floor or rogue waves caused by winds blowing across shallow water.

Bermuda Triangle-related theories

Bermuda Triangle has been an enigma since its discovery. This triangle is a world-famous phenomenon related to many theories. Most of them are based on superstition, belief, or plain and simple fiction. This article talks about the most popular of these theories and puts them in the background.

This Triangle has been a mystery unsolved. Generally accepted few Bermuda Triangle theories are Alen abduction, Earthquake, Sunken Island, Electromagnetic Anomaly, and last but not least triangle-shaped UFO.

It might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but thousands of people are planning to sail into the Bermuda Triangle in the name of science. Kristin Fleetwood said: “If there’s something like the Bermuda Triangle, it can’t swallow us all.” She added: “I don’t think the Bermuda Triangle is a paranormal hotspot. I think it’s an overabundance of events and people

Bermuda Triangle- students’ project

Bermuda triangle is a student project that focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the aviation industry. The implementation of autonomous flight and navigation systems used in the real-world scenario involved it.

Many ghost theories and mysterious incidents existed related to this Triangle. Students studying in Bermuda are not allowed to go to the Bermuda triangle because Bermuda is a well-known place for its special science lab school.


It is commonly thought that the most popular theory of the  Triangle is that a large number of planes and boats have disappeared here, but this is not true.

The number of planes and boats that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is not more than in other parts of the ocean. The area is considered dangerous because of the fog and strong ocean currents, but there are other areas of the ocean that have these attributes.


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