Rules of North Korea

Facts About North Korea and the rules of North Korea

Author Anish M T

Generally all people like their own country. But the rules of North Korea make their country like hell. Very cruel rules and regulations make people hate their country.

Everyone has heard about NorthKorea.This government always wanted to fight with America, but America sneezed enough to destroy NorthKorea.Very indifferent laws are existing here.

1. Own Calendar

They are following their own calendar. If we ask them presently which year is going on, they will say the year 110. Because they made Jochum calendar for them. This started from 1912 onwards, so starting from that year the present year is 110. Their President Kim Il Sung was born in the year 1912, so they started their calendar from 1912 onwards. 

2. TV channel

There is only three tv channel in North Korea. Their channels are telecasting news about government and administrations. These two-channel are telecasting only on Saturday and Sunday, and the remaining channel is showing only 5 or 7 hours.

3. Ban Bible

Bible is prohibited in NorthKorea.If anyone had Bible they are getting severe punishment. The reason behind this is no one should follow the western culture. Likewise, they are not allowed to import any products from abroad. So the products related to apple, sony, etc are not available in this country.

4. Three generations punishment

If one person in this country violates the rules or did any mistakes punishment is given to the three-generation. For example, if grandfather did a mistake punishment is given to grandfather, father, and me. They have to stay in a separate camp, they are like slaves. not getting proper food and forced to eat rats and lizards.

5. Voting process

The aristocratic rule is existing in this country. Even though there is a dictatorship rule, every year they are conducting the voting process. Funny thing is that only one name is mentioned in that ballet paper that is Kimjong. They wanted to exhibit that their country is following democratic rule, and for that, they are doing this voting process.

6. Literacy

President Kim Jong-un said that there is 100% literacy in their country. But in reality, 50% of the people are illiterate and they don’t know the real facts about the world. They wanted to hide everything means not being ready for their matters to the outside world.

7. Prohibit migration

The rules of North Korea are against migration. If anybody goes there for tourism they have to stay government allowed hotel and are not allowed to take food from outside. They have to follow the government guide and not allow to take photos of common people also. If they violate the rules they have to go to jail.

8. Agriculture

In many places in NorthKorea, are cultivation. They were importing fertilizers from SouthKorea.But due to the fight between them, SouthKorea stopped the export of fertilizer to the NorthKorea. Afterward, they are using human waste as fertilizer for the cultivation. Likewise, the very bad way they are doing agriculture adversely affects the health of farmers.

9. Drug supply

If anyone cultivating and selling drugs there is no problem in NorthKorea. The government is giving full support to even those who are selling drugs roadside in NorthKorea.

10. Job

All should do work in this country. For a week 6 days, people are working for their needs, and remaining days they are working for the country.

11. Telephone calls

People in NorthKorea have no rights to international calls and they are prohibited to move out of their country.

12. Hairstyle

There are 28 hairstyles in NorthKorea. Of these 10 hairstyles are for men, and 18 hairstyles are for a woman. If they are selecting another hairstyle than this, they are getting punishments.

13. Pleasure army

A group of virgins is doing services to the administrators. They have to obey the order of the officials. They are considering this a highly reputed honor to them. All over, people in this country have no rights, no freedom, and a complete dictatorship exists in this country. People are like slaves in this country.





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