Kudlu theertha falls Karnataka’s Natural Paradise in the Western Ghats

Kudlu theertha falls, Natural Paradise

kudlu theertha falls

Introduction: the Western Ghats Located in India’s Southwest Region, Kudlu theertha falls is a rejuvenating destination surrounded by acres of lush flora and fauna

Parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula the Western Ghats a mountain range that runs. The Ghats are a biodiversity hotspot and home to many rare species of plants, animals, and birds.

Kudlu Falls is situated in the Western Ghats in India’s southwest region. It is surrounded by acres of lush flora and fauna with a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Kudlu theertha falls is a spectacular waterfall in Karnataka, South India.

Kudlu theertha falls is found in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and can be reached by 1.5 km trekking (round-trip). It is one of the six falls of Hebbe Falls. Though it can be reached from the adjacent Yermal village via a trek, this path needs travelers to take multiple streams where sometimes rocks may give way or logs for crossing them.

This makes it a difficult voyage and an unsafe option for someone not knowing this terrain well. However, if made possible then one could also enjoy a pleasant stay in the sunny village of Kudlu which has lots of waterfalls and rock pools to explore after a tiring outing towards its famed beauty spot – Kudlu Fall.

For travelers who are looking for a place to spend their days off from busy city life, Kudlu Falls can be a perfect destination for them. It could take anywhere between 3-6 hours depending on speed and fitness There are plenty of trekking trails that offer a beautiful view of the mountains and this is one of the highest waterfalls in India.

kudlu theertha falls

Attractions of kudlu waterfall

Kudlu theertha falls is a small but popular waterfall east of Bangalore, India. The water cascades down the rocks and falls steeply to a stream below. Dr. Dhruvajeeth Bhora from the irrigation department says that in the future, an underwater 3D attraction would be created near Kudlu falls which allows people to see how far the waterfall onto the rocks and you can view it underwater if someone loves photography this is just an amazing experience for them.

In regards to tourist attractions by 2020 kudlu waterfall, it will be able to show all of its beauty apart from just looking at it because currently anyone who visits mainly watches the waterfall from such high up giving nothing but important clues about how beautiful it is, in next few years they intend to recreate that same experience


The Complete Tourist Guide To Udupi Kudlu Thirtha Waterfalls

Udupi is a coastal town in Karnataka.

It is situated on the western coast of India, near Mangalore.

The town is famous for its Krishna temple and the Krishna River that flows through it.

Udupi Kudlu the Thirtha Waterfalls are located in the Udupi district, about 40 km from Udupi city.

The waterfall has been formed by the river Kudlu which originates from Karnataka’s Western Ghats and flows to the Arabian Sea.

The waterfalls are also known as “Kudlu Falls”.

It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Karnataka, which has a height of about 200 meters and cascades down into a deep gorge surrounded by dense forests.

Best time to visit kudlu waterfalls

The best time to visit Koodlu Theertha falls is the monsoon season between August and December. During this time there will be a huge waterfall and will get more fascination. But if there is heavy rain it will be closed, so it is better to contact the local people before starting the trip.

Advantages to visit waterfalls

Visit waterfalls helps to get us maximum relaxation, our mind became calm. It helps to avoid depression in the modern world. Trucking helps us to increase our energy and strengthen our bodies. On the whole, waterfalls help us to enjoy the natural beauty and we felt that we reached another world.

Kudul waterfalls location


Entry fees of Kudlu theertha falls

The normal entry rupee per person is 100 Rs/

The nearest city to kudlu distance

20Km from Hebri city,  47 Km from the Udupi

Homestay near Kudlu waterfall.

Amaravathy Hotel, Hebri.



Contact any local Information

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