Mata Hari fate – A real story about a dangerous and most beautiful woman

Mata Hari fate – a woman who faced the bullet with a kiss

Mata Hari fate is an interesting and amazing story of a beautiful lady Mata Hari. She was very cruel. Mata Hari had beautiful sparkling eyes golden hair and smiling lips.

Mata Hari was born in 1876 August in Netherland. Her father Adam Zelle was a hat-selling man. Her childhood life in SouthHolland itself revealed that she became an unusual woman. Even though she was not fair compared to other Duch girls, her joyful face, courage, and self-confidence made her teenage very exciting. She joined a Teacher Training college to become a Teacher, where she had an affection with a married headmaster this news spread among the college authorities and dismissed her.

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Then she reached DutchEastindees present Indonesia. When she was in Hague at the age of 18, she saw an advertisement in the Newspaper that the most handsome, rich Duch colonial army captain Rudolf John Macleod searching for a beautiful bride for marriage. She gave a reply to him and married in July  1895. Then she shifted to Java deep along with her husband. She knew about many rich officers and started her company with them. She wanted to live like a butterfly.


Rudolf was a drunkard, daily he drank and cruelly hurt her. She wanted to get rid of it and divorced in 1902. She became very famous for her oriental dance forms which she learned from Indonesia. Mata Hari studied different typical and extraordinary dance forms.

Her beautiful face and figure made her dance sensational and attractive to all big officials, soldiers and merchants. She exhibited love, enmity, violence, and revenge like all feelings of stories through her beautiful dances. She got jewels, horses, silvers, and gold from the rich officials and merchants.

During the first world war, she loved Russian soldier Vladimir de Masloff. French intelligence appointed Matha Hari as the sparrow against Germany, for getting more money she became an espionage agent. Matha Hari was appointed for the spy work of France. In her report, she revealed how she influenced the German ambassador Arnold bond Kalan.

After that she returned from Germany for getting the reward from France she was arrested by German police. Finally, she accepted her crime that she received money from the French soldiers for doing the secret activities. She presented for a hearing in the German court and all evidence was against her. Prosecutors declared that Mathahari was the most alluring spy lady in that century. In conclusion, her love for the soldiers never end, she threw her kisses on them and received bullets from them.


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