Isn’t the moon lovely : Amazing Facts About the Moon

Isn’t the moon lovely ? 

Great Japanese novelist and author Natsume Souseki gave the sentence “The moon is beautiful isn’t it?”. It is shameful to say I love you to a girl at that time. He translates that English sentence into the Japanese sentence Tsuki ga Kirei desu ne which means “ The moon is beautiful isn’t it?”.

Tsuki means moon, and suki means you like someone. During that time just by sharing scenery, they are conveying their love to each other.

The moon is a beautiful sight to see. Whether it’s hanging in the sky on a clear evening or appearing as a crescent in the morning, every time we gaze at this celestial body, we are reminded of its beauty. and grandeur. The moon’s beauty is not just found on Earth; it exists in the astral world too. The moon has been a source of divine inspiration and magical occurrence for many of the great civilizations throughout history and every year more information about it is uncovered as we learn to study its surface in greater detail.

Isn't the moon lovely



Amazing Facts About the Moon

The Moon, the fifth largest planet is only one natural satellite of the earth. The average distance between it and Earth is around 384,400km (238,900mi). The Moon’s gravitational influence is weaker than that of Earth and it has none at all at its poles. . As such, the natural satellite has no natural satellite of its own. The Moon’s gravitational influence is weaker than that of Earth and it has none at all at its poles

The moon has always fascinated us. It is the only natural satellite of Earth and the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System. There are many interesting facts about this celestial object that we should know more about.

  • The moon is not a solid object, but rather it’s made up of rocks and metals that have been collected together over years.
  • The moon has no atmosphere and therefore no weather or wind on its surface. The moon has no atmosphere to hold in heat and regulate temperature. The only weather it experiences is a constant bombardment of meteorites and the occasional solar wind.
  • There is no water on the moon, so it cannot support any life forms as we know them on Earth.
  • The side of the moon which we see from Earth is called ‘the near side.
  • The far side of the moon, which can’t be seen from Earth, is also known as the ‘dark side.
  • The moon is about a quarter the size of Earth, meaning that it’s not large enough to support life as we know it on Earth.
  • The moon is not a solid object, but rather it’s made up of rocks and metals that have collected together over billions of years.
  • If you were to keep one side of the moon facing towards Earth, the two orbs would appear to be constantly in sync.
  • The surface gravity on the moon is about 1/6th that of Earth, meaning that it’s much easier to go for a run on the moon than it is on earth.


The moon is the only spherical satellite orbiting a terrestrial planet. The moon is a believable companion. The earth as well as tides move due to the moon. only 12 people launched on the moon. it started with Neil Armstrong and ended with Gene Cernan. The full moon indirectly affects the internal body and increases the light in the evening.


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