quotes about woman power

Quotes about woman power

Ten Facts about the woman and quotes about woman power

Author: Anish M T

Generally, we are saying that we cant understand the psychology of women. But we can understand it in the different aspects if we observed. There are 10 scientific quotes about woman power.

1.They can’t be able to drink much alcohol.

If we compare between the men and women the amount of water is less in women’s bodies¬† ¬†So blood will absorb the alcohol in their body. So they can”t drink more alcohol.

2. Ladies who are using more lipsticks.

If a lady using lipsticks 260 days out of 365 days, they are eating 1/2 kg lipsticks within that time.

3. Colour sensing ability.

Generally, women’s colour sense is 20% more than men. Suppose if we consider men and women who had the same power of eyes and a colour sheet is placed in front of them, women can easily identify the colour shade than men. It is proved in science

4. Protection of their husband.

Men have great protection from their wives. We can see before marriage men’s are more slim and fit. But after marriage, their weight is increasing and they became shapeless. The main reason that women wanted to become slim is that their husbands, for this they are giving more food to them. They are thinking that if they are more slim and beautiful they will get more care and protection from their husband. Then they will get more psychological comfort.

5. Attraction from others.

Generally, women always want to attract others. We can see they are wearing sleeveless dresses during the cold season and full-sleeve dresses during the summer season, they are giving more importance to attraction from others than their comfortability. They are mainly thinking about whether the others are observing and impressed with her. No need to think it’s negatively because it started from the evolution process onwards.

6. Smell sensation ability.

Women had more smelling sense than men. So they can easily understand the taste of food by smelling its ingredients and spices. This is the main reason that their cooking ability is more than the men.

7. Habit of wearing high-heeled chappal.

Generally, most of the women are wearing high-heeled chappals. In the olden days, high-heeled chappals are made for men. There was a belief that if they had more height they can throw arrows on the enemies. For that soldiers were used high-heeled chappals. But nowadays ladies have dominancy on it.

8. Inferiority complex.

A married woman always wished that she should have more beauty than her husband. If her husband is more handsome she had an inferiority complex and she never likes that other ladies looking and praising him.

9. Facial expression.

Women can understand the character of a man by looking at his facial expression. If any man told lie to her, she can easily understand by looking at his eyes and expressions. She can easily understand the objective, behaviour, and character of others than men. Ladies have an extra sense, if anyone looks behind her she will suddenly turn because they had that feeling capacity. Generally, men had less ability in this regard.

10. Life span.

The lifespan of women is more than that of men because men are always ready to take the risk that leads to death. They are like machines, if overuse, their efficiency will decrease. Likewise, men’s workload, stress, life burden will reduce their efficiency and it will adversely affect their health. Women are not ready to take many risks in their life and most of them want relief and comfort in their life.





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